Remote Learning Program

  • Montessori Schedule
  • Montessori Work, Activities and Worksheets based on Traditional Authentic Montessori Curriculum
  • Benefits Age: 2yrs- 6 yrs old
  • Remote

Who should consider the Remote Learning Program?

Montessori Heritage Remote Learning is for families who want their children to learn and engage in “Meaningful Play” that promotes growth and learning while at home.

How does the Montessori Heritage Remote Learning Program work?

Montessori Heritage uses digital technology to provide a traditional, interactive Montessori Based curriculum and high-quality educational experiences that give students an opportunity to succeed.

How is the Montessori Remote Learning Program same as a traditional Montessori School?

  • Montessori work & Classes based on True, Authentic Montessori Curriculum.
  • Worksheets, activities and Links are the same as those taught in the classroom environment.
  • Follow a traditional school year.

How is the Montessori Remote Learning Program different from a traditional Montessori School?

Classes do not take place in a building but rather at home, on the road, or wherever there’s an internet connection.

Do online students have access to teachers and materials?

Absolutely. Students who attend a Montessori Heritage Home School Program can expect:
  • High-quality Montessori Heritage curriculum
  • School materials delivered electronically, including worksheets, and Links
  • Access to Head of School & Montessori Certified Teacher as needed to help with understanding the curriculum or work